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I had Issued my hypothesis which it had been publishing a in my book entitled "The hypothesis of combined balancing balls .... approach in astronomy " and which has been put in the Library (Books House) – Sana'a – which part of the Ministry of Culture in Yemen, No. of entry of the book is 670/2013. And a certificate of Intellectual Property No. 271 / 2013 . This book consists of four chapters and it has published online Like in the National Information Center- Presidency of the Republic of Yemen- No. 28033/2013 In Arabic, the native language of the research , This book consists of four chapters that contains a full explanation of the hypothesis  and references had published in my book….etc.

Before you read my hypothesis
To be convinced that some time we need to back two steps back for make one hundred step to forward for solve the biggest problems of astrophysics. 
The two steps we retreat to back 
First : The gravity because motion of orbs in vacuum, not because mass 
Second : Which scientists call gravitational waves is the new repulsion force between orbs that is the fundamental force in the universe, according to my hypotheses 
If you accepted this two assumptions 
You can realize the value of my hypotheses and what I want to say , and how it interpreted the movement of orbs and the ability to explain the movement of stars to the center of the galaxy and the ability to understand how the universe is heading, through compound impact of attraction and repulsion force 

The astronomy and the origin of the universe is one of the oldest sciences known to mankind and most exciting and interesting to the nature of the human soul. It is an instinct that grows with us in love to explore the mysterious universe. we think about the universe and how it seems. the astronomy has distinctive impact on human hearts which makes them think about deeply all-time, even the our feeling actually sailing in the universe. But we can't to be a researcher unless at least have an ample knowledge in prevailing theories ,laws , hypotheses and , .. etc. in astronomy and we know the relation between astronomy and other sciences through different angles that create the interaction and interdependence , also we must use the research methods and logical thinking and mathematical abstract …etc. that's made me layout this hypothesis.
My hypothesis is just trying to find logical explanation for movements of orbs on elliptical way and multiple movement .. etc. in compound system of universe, and I  tried to know the forces which controlled that movements on different orbital forms  , Hypothesis tried to Know origin of that forces and emerged from the largest Hypothesis to find understanding the origins of the universe and dark material.
Hypothesis based on mathematical logic and scientific axiom, such as Kepler's laws where the balanced orbs concluded the two main forces ( one return to movement in vacuum and the second return to physical variable in orbs  at different position ) that forces had contrarily impact ( the  first attraction force and the second repulsion force ) which had drawn the dynamic routes for movements of orbs on compound systems from pole to pole of universe, Hypothesis deduced that forces in all compound system such as the balance of the planet's movement around the sun is the outcome for that two forces, in a new matrix and resource of that two forces. Hypothesis ascribed attraction force ( alias gravity ) to the first movement of orbs in vacuum and ascribed repulsion force to surface area of orbs in different position at compound system, and it did not give centrifuge little impact as a balance to the force of attraction.
The hypothesis have formulated on eight laws and eight mathematical equations which explained and illustrated the intensity of forces and its relating with square root of distance in compound impact, it formed repulsion force from inside to outside and linked its domination with formed orbs during growing of universe ,and it formed attraction force from outside to inside and linked its domination with volume of universe or in the state of Interior rarefaction.

Some conclusion of the hypothesis

1 – There is a mathematical physical relationship based on quantities and based on physical and mathematical logic linking the relationship between celestial bodies.

2 - There is a mathematical physical relationship based on quantities and based on physical and mathematical logic linking the relationship between celestial bodies in a combination according to the installation of the cosmic systems.

14 – here are explaining the causes of the disorder of Moon Hyperion in its orbit around Saturn, and the vibratory and resilience movement of asteroids , and  a proof of the duplication Pluto with its moon Charon.

15 – There are explaining the collision of galaxies and the merge of its arms to make a binary stars with no collisions of nuclei of galaxies and explaining the duplication status in an unreal center outside the body.

16 - Dealing with a lot of phenomena and problems that floating on the prevailing laws and theories , like source of gravity, Integration of cosmic forces,  an approach to quantum and relativity.

Turning point in astronomy , possibility of an entire scientific shift in astronomy and astrophysics and the beginning of the era of modern science.

For more information contact :
Adnan Al shawafi


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