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Ten Reasons Pluto is not a planet
1-      Does not has independent orbit around the Sun but it cross the orbit of Neptune.
2-      Pluto and Charon moving around the common center of gravity which has location outside the bodies of Pluto and Charon. So we can't say "Pluto is orbiting Charon or Charon is orbiting Pluto " also It is not fair to name one of them planet ( Pluto)  and the  second (Charon) moon follow Pluto where Charon has a powerful enough to move Pluto from outside its body.
3-      Pluto is not completely spherically as revealed by NASA "The new range is just west of the region within Pluto’s heart called Sputnik Planum (Sputnik Plain). The peaks lie some 68 miles (110 kilometers) northwest of Norgay Montes" In addition to a large terrain on the surface of Pluto, with respect to its size is a very large, although NASA hide a lot of details about Pluto surface without gave us one full picture just which edited by painter ,that improve the condition of the International Astronomical  Union to re-Pluto a planet , also the same thing about Charon .
4-      as well as Pluto does not have the strong gravity that enables it to be completely spherical because has two different faces ( the surface of Pluto's face that appears to Charon it has a different terrain in comparison with surface of other face), So we can say Charon's gravity affect the attractiveness of the surface details  of the Pluto.
5-      Pluto does not have enough gravity to clear its orbit there are a lot of orbs in the Kuiper belt intervention in the planet's orbit Pluto.
6-      Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson: " We heard during Friday's briefing that Pluto is almost perfectly spherical, which was unexpected considering what we think happened during its formation"???,
 Researcher Adnan Alshawafi: "NASA was discovered water ice is flowing  in Pluto's surface , after our criticisms  they changed it to nitrogen ice we say to them is an intensive gas is fog and liquid could not be ice for two reasons: first how possible it becomes nitrogen ice in the low atmospheric pressure on Pluto and the second reason you say the planet has a thick cover atmospheric Increase the expected temperature more than 210 degrees below zero so the nitrogen cannot be ice"????, That covers impact craters from meteor strikes.
7-      Pluto rotation around itself the day is equal to a month on Pluto ,So we can say Charon control the Pluto rotation and Charon remains free to turn around the itself.
8-      Pluto's orbit has a great anomaly in the orbit in orbital inclination around the sun and the big distance between the aphelion and perigee.
9-      Other satellites orbiting around Pluto and Charon does not around Pluto only or Charon only because the common center of gravity control orbits of these satellites.
10-   Pluto and Charon the enters the dance which NASA called it compound orbital dance without explain why those dance and her first interpretations that Pluto's mass is not concentrated in the center of the planet. In other words, if we break it into halves, we will see that one half has larger mass than the other half by over 20%, and the second interpretation, according to the hypothesis of compound balance balls for the researcher Adnan Alshawafi that orbital dance because Pluto and Charon not completely spherical there are large terrain is the surface which working on different area between Pluto and Charon opposite faces (Pluto's surface perspective from Charon and Charon's surface perspective from Pluto)
The truth that must defend it and circulated among the members of IAU is
Pluto and Charon is a binary planet

Researcher : Adnan Alshawafi


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- عن فرضية كرات الاتزان المركبة .

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